Hii SVEN & JAN !!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all of yours e-mails.

We like talking to you. It was fantastic!

We can talk when you want in whatsap, ok?

Does Jan have whatsap?

What is your usurname in Play Station 3?



Manolo/Mario/Pablo Jimenez + Sven/Jan


Hello!!. We are Manolo, Pablo Jimenez and Mario. Pablo is the one in the middle, Manolo is in grey and Mario is on the left. We are 13 years old. Manolo's parents' names are Manuel and Mª Ángeles, Pablo's parents' are Ignacio and Pilar, and Mario's parents' are Nuria and Javier. We are in 8th year. Manolo and Mario live in a small village called Dílar, but Pablo lives in Otura (Granada). Our school is IES Escultor Sánchez Mesa from Otura. Mario's favourite animal is wolf, Manolo's is squirrel and Pablo's is dog. Mario has a dog called Yako and two turtles, Manolo's a dog called Toby and Pablo's a dog called Lara. Mario's favourite sport is football, Manolo's is handball and Pablo's is cycling. Manolo's favourite subject are Mathematics and French, Mario's are physical education and technology and Pablo's is physical education. Who are you in the photo?

**Manolo's glogster**

**Mario's glogster**

Pablo Jimenez' Glogster


Hi. I am Sven. I am 13 years old and my birthday is on the 14th of May. I live in a little village and it is called Pyburg. My mother’s name is Petra and my Dad's name is Erich. My school is in St. Valentin and I am in the 8th year, this means the 4th form of secondary school. My favourite subjects are Physical Education and Physics. My favourite food is fish salad. My hobbies are fishing, cycling and Art. I am very interesting in science. I am excited about this project.

Sven's Glog


My name is Jan Brysch. I‘m 13 years old. I go to the “IBM St. Valentin”. My hobbies are skiing (I am doing races), riding my bike and swimming. My favourite food is pizza. My parents’ names are Iris and Willi. We live together in a house in Vestenthal. I visit the secondary school. My timetable is very brilliant. The school ends at half past one, only on two days we finish at four p. m. My favourite subjects are Sports and Mathematics. It’s a new feeling to write with a pen pal. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Jan's Glog

  • When do you begin/start summer, Christmas, Easter holidays
    • Summer Holidays from 28th Juny to 30th August
      Christmas Holidays from 23rd December to 6th January
      Easter Holidays from 12th April to 22nd April
  • How long are your summer; Christmas, Easter holidays?
    • Summer Holidays - 9 Weeks
    • Christmas Holidays - 2 Weeks
    • Easter Holidays - 1 Week
  • What time do you start/finish school in a normal day?
    • From 8.00 a.m. to 13.35 p.m.
  • How long are the lessons?
    • 45 minutes
  • How many students are there in your classroom?
    • 25 Guys ( 19 Boys and 6 Girls)
  • Do you have your own lockers?
    • Yes we have. We got it this year.
  • How are the classrooms decorated?
    • There is some sticker on the windows and some poster from School works
  • Is there any special decoration in other parts of the school?
    • We have an Aquarium and a Terrarium. On the aisles we have poster and decorations.
  • We have a garden and we are working on a project to take care of it. Have you got anything similar to our project?
    • We often make short expeditions (one ore 2 lessons) to creeks and we go to the wood or to the meadows.. We have not a garden at our school. Sometimes we clean up aroun our school.
  • How many breaks have you got and how long are they?
    • 3 Breaks
      One long break (20 minutes)
      Two short breaks (5 minutes)
  • Have you got your own computers in the classroom
    • Yes we have. We have got a HP Pavilion dv6
  • Have you got a swimming pool in your high school?
    • No we haven`t got a swimming pool. But we want to have a pool.
  • Are your teachers nice?
    • Some of them but not all
  • Do you practice any kind of relaxation?
    • Yes but only in brakes. Sometimes we do 5 minutes of total silence.
  • Do you organise sport competitions?
    • Yes every year in the last school week. There are table tennis competitions and there are summer sport and winter sport weeks.
  • How do you keep your classrooms clean?
    • After the lessons we have to put our dirt to the wastepaper
  • What happens if you misbehave?
    • The teachers tell us down, we got more exercises and we have to go outside the classroom.
  • How many travels or trips do you do along the academic year?
    • We go ice-scating, to theaters, sport weeks, london week and so on a year.
  • Do you usually work in groups? Do you prefer pair or individual work?
    • Yes we are working very often in groups and we like that.
  • Do you organise special activities to celebrate international days such as AIDS,VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PEACE DAY OR WOMEN’S DAY?
    • We do a “Laufwunder” and a running charity race