Tere/Laura + Sarah/Kerstin

First we are going to say goodbye, we can talk to you in whatsapp. We love to know about you this year. We hope to meet with you soon. This experience was fantastic. Have a very good summer!!!
We love you<3

Hi! Our names are Tere and Laura we are two girls. We are in year 8. We are 13 years old. We study in IES Escultor Sanchez Mesa in Otura ( Granada, Spain ). We love singing, dancing and going out with our friends. Tere has one sister called Cristina who is eleven years and Laura has one brother called Valentín who is seventeen years. Tere has got blond hair and green eyes. Laura has got brown hair and brown eyes. Tere has got two dogs Turca and Centella and Laura has got a guinea pig Luna.
We are happy to be your penpals.
Kiss Tere and Laura ;)

Laura's glogster
tere's glogster


Sarah - Glogster
Kerstin - Glogster

My name is Sarah. Iam 14 years old. I have a cat, it is called Kiki, a dog that is called Kira and a Guineapig called Willi.
;) I live in Ennsdorf with my mum, my brother and my pets. My brother is 5 years old. His name is Marco. My mum's name is Cornelia.
I' ve got blond and dark brown hair. Kerstin and I are good friends. At school Kerstin sit next to me.
I am happy to be your penpal. ;D
Kisses Sarah ;*

My Name is Kerstin. :) I'm 13 years old and live in St. Valentin in a house with my grandparents, parents and my brother. My brother is 12 years old and call Kevin. I have 3 pets 2 guineapig Billy and Charlie and a cat call Pauli. I have blond-brown hairs and blue eyes. My hobbys are play Tennis, Football, meet friends, shopping,.... I play in a football team call SC St. Valentin in a girls team. ;)
I'm happy to be your penpal. :D
Kerstin :3
These are the questions we would like to ask our penpals in Austria:

  1. When do you begin/start summer, Christmas, Easter holidays?summer: 28.06.2014 Christmas: 23.12.2014 Easter: 12.04.2014
  2. How long are your summer; Christmas, Easter holidays?summer: 28.06. – 30.08. Christmas: 23.12. – 06.01. Easter: 12.04. – 22.04.
  3. What time do you start/finish school in a normal day?On a normal day our school started at 8.00 O’ Clock and ends on half past one.
  4. How long are the lessons?45 min
  5. How many students are there in your classroom?25
  6. Do you have your own lockers?Yes
  7. How are the classrooms decorated?Christmas stickers on the windows and carnival or Easter decoration.I
  8. Is there any special decoration in other parts of the school?Yes on the Windows in the aula, paintings, and a big garden.
  9. We have a garden and we are working on a project to take care of it. Have you got anything similar to our project?Yes. Every Year the people of the fourth class clean around the school.
  10. How many breaks have you got and how long are they?We have one big break from 10.00 O’clock a.m. to 10.20 O’clock and to 5 min. breaks.
  11. Have you got your own computers in the classroom?Yes, everyone. Because we are a Computer class.
  12. Have you got a swimming pool in your high schoolNo
  13. Are your teachers nice?Yes the most of them.
  14. Do you practice any kind of relaxation? Sometimes we do 5 mins of silence.
  15. Do you organise sport competitions? Its a festifal of the on the end of the year
  16. How do you keep your classrooms clean? On the End o the day we clean our classroom.
  17. What happens if you misbehave? The teachers tell us down, we get more exercises to do. And sometimes we have to go outside the classroom for calming down.
  18. How many travels or trips do you do along the academic year? we go ice -skiing, to theatres, sport week, London week and so on.
  19. Do you usually work in groups? Do you prefer pair or individual work? Yes very often.
  20. Do you organise special activities to celebrate international days such as AIDS,VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PEACE DAY OR WOMEN’S DAY? Yes, the Running wonder, a charity run