Pablo Tocino/Diego + Tobias/Christopher
This experience has been such us a very interesting project. We think it is the best project that we have done in our school.We'll talk in Whatsapp and we will be in contact.
Thank you for all and we hope that you'll have a very funny summer.We'll miss you so much!!!!!!!!

Hello,Our names are Pablo and Diego,Both of us live in Otura.We are very good students,Diego loves rock music,pablo loves pop music.Pablo has got two turtles and Diego has got 19 horses.Diego plays football and Pablo plays handball.Pablo's favourite food is chinese food and Diego's favourite food is pizza.Pablo's favourite city is San Francisco and Diego's favourite city is Granada.We are very excited to share facts with you.

Pablo's glogster
Diego's glogster

Pablo Tocino/Diego


Hello. Our names are Christopher and Tobias. Both of us live in St. Valentin. Christopher likes listening to music e.g. Sean Paul or Pittbull and Tobi listens to Avicii or David Guetta. Christopher has got two dogs and Tobi has got one cat. Both of us like playing football or meeting friends. Christopher plays the game "Minecraft" and Tobi is playing "Leage of Legends". Christopher's favourite food is pizza and Tobi's favourite food is fish with potatoes.Christophers hobbies are playing football and playing computer. Tobi likes fishing and also football.

These are the questions we would like to ask our penpals in Austria:

  1. When do you begin/start summer, Christmas, Easter holidays? Christmas holidays start on the 23rd of December and last until 6th of January, Easter holidays start on the 12th of April this year and end on the 22nd of April 2014, summer starts on the 28th of June and ends on the 31st of August.
  2. How long are your summer; Christmas, Easter holidays? Summer holidays are nine weeks long, the Christmas holidays are two weeks long and Easter holidays are one week.
  3. What time do you start/finish school in a normal day? We start at eight am and end at half past on pm normally.
  4. How long are the lessons? One lesson 45 minutes
  5. How many students are there in your classroom? We are 25 students in our classromm.
  6. Do you have your own lockers? Yes, we have. We got them this year.
  7. How are the classrooms decorated? There are white walls plus posters and we have flowers and stickers on the windows.
  8. Is there any special decoration in other parts of the school? We have plants, paintings and a big garden.
  9. We have a garden and we are working on a project to take care of it. Have you got anything similar to our project? We often make short expeditions ( one ore two lessons ) were we go to the wood are to the meadows. Sometimes we do a clean up arround our school.
  10. How many breaks have you got and how long are they? 3 Breaks. One long Brake ( 20 minutes) and two short ones ( five minutes).
  11. Have you got your own computers in the classroom Yes everyone because we are a computer class.
  12. Have you got a swimming pool in your high school? No we haven`t.
  13. Are your teachers nice? Our teachers are very nice. They help us to solve problems
  14. Do you practice any kind of relaxation? Sometimes we do five minutes of total silence. We have a "silent fox" sign which we use for becoming calm.
  15. Do you organise sport competitions? Yes we have a festival at the and of the year - it is a sports and games day, there are table tennis competitions and there are summer sport and winter sport weeks.
  16. How do you keep your classrooms clean? We clean our classrom bevore we leave them.
  17. What happens if you misbehave? The teachers tell us down, we get more execises to do and sometimes we have to go outside the classroom for calming down.
  18. How many travels or trips do you do along the academic year? We got ice - skating, to theathers, sports week, London week and so on in a year.
  19. Do you usually work in groups? Do you prefer pair or individual work? We usually work in groups and we really prefer that.
  20. Do you organise special activities to celebrate international days such as AIDS,VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PEACE DAY OR WOMEN’S DAY? We do the " Laufwunder " a running charity race.

Tobi's Glogster