Rosa/Andrea + Julia/Isabella

Hi! We are Andrea and Rosa. We study in IES Escultor Sanchez Mesa,Otura. Andrea is the girl with the ponytail and Rosa the other girl. We love music and our friends. Our favorite school subjects gym and art. Our favorite food is pizza. We like playing with mobile phone
ahd make photos. We have brown eyes and brown hair.
Andrea has one brother,called Javi. My hobbie is swimming. My favourite color is purple. I am happy because we are friends.
Rosa has one brother,called Marcelo Iñaki and one sister,called Estefania. Marcelo Iñaki has 7 years old and Estefania has 15 years old. My hobbie is meet with my friends and talking with they with whatsapp. My favourite color is red.
We are happy to be your penpals.
Bye, kiss.


Hello! The summer is here! We want summer to come. We were talking with the people of your class in whatsapp. Why dont you want to give us your number of telephone?

Andrea: In holidays I am going to go to the beach and to the swimming pool. I am going to meet with friends, too. I am going to go to Portugal and buy clothes in a shopping centre! On July an English girl is going to come to my house. SUMMER 2014!!!! Happy summer! KIss, I love you :3.
Rosa: In holidays I am going to go to Portugal, Warner Bros, Galicia, to a beach and to buy some clothes! Dani is talking to me in whatsapp! He is very friendly :). I hope that you have a very good summer :D. HAPPY SUMMER <3 I LOVE YOOOOOU :D I am going to miss you.


My name is Isabella and I’m 13 years old. I have brunette hair. I live with my older brother, my little sister and my parents in Lower Austria. We have two cats, two dogs, one bird and a caring horse. I practice a lot of sports. I do gymnastics four times in a week, go running five times in a week and go horse riding 6 times in week. Horse jumping is my biggest passion. In 2013 I won a “Pony-Jumping-Tour” in Lower Austria. In 2014 I will ride in the Austrian championship.
Like a horse my favorite food are carrots, and my favorite animal is of course the horse. My favorite singers are Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber. What I really hate is reading.

Hi! My name is Julia. I'm fourteen years old and I live in Lower Austria. I visit the IBM St. Valentin. My hobbies are playing the flute, reading books [other like Isabella ;)], playing with my pets, and SLEEPING!!! I love my dog, and my cat. Sometimes we have some birds at home. My favourite food is lasagne, and every day I watch my favourite film "How I met your mother". My best firends are Isabella and Vanessa! :D

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