Cristian/David + Dominik/Jonas

Hi, we go to describe us. We are tall. Cristian has brown eyes and short dark hair. Cristian is the boy at the right. David has green eyes and short dark hair too. We like listening to music and play computer games.We are very competitive and we like a lot play football and basketball.


Jonas - Glogster
Dominik - Glogster

Hey Guys, we are Jonas and Dominik. On the right there is Dominik and on the left is "BaBo" Jonas. Jonas has dark brown hair and Dominik has brown hair. He has also blue eyes and Jonas has brown eyes. Our favourite clothes are sweaters and jeans. We love playing computer games and we both do achery but not in winter.

  1. When do you begin/start summer, Christmas, Easter holidays?
  2. Cristmas holidays start on the 23rd of December and last until 6th of January, Easter holidays from 12th on 22nd of April
  3. Summer holydays from 28th of June and ends on the 31st of August.
  4. How long are your summer; Christmas, Easter holidays?
  5. Summer holidays are 9 weeks long, Christmas holidays are 2 weeks long and Easter holydays are 1 weeks long.
  6. What time do you start/finish school in a normal day?
  7. It starts at 8:00 and finish at 13:35.
  8. How long are the lessons?
  9. One lesson is 45 minutes.
  10. How many students are there in your classroom?
  11. We are 25 in our classroom.
  12. Do you have your own lockers?
  13. Yes we have, we got them this year.
  14. How are the classrooms decorated?
  15. There white walls plus poster and we have flowers and stickers an the windoes
  16. Is there any special decoration in other parts of the school?
  17. We have plants, paintings and a big garden
  18. We have a garden and we are working on a project to take care of it. Have you got anything similar to our project?
  19. We often make short expeditions (one or two lessons9 where we go to the wood or to the meadows.
  20. How many breaks have you got and how long are they?
  21. We have four breaks, three takes 5 min and one 20 min.
  22. Have you got your own computers in the classroom?
  23. Yes all of us have a laptop.
  24. Have you got a swimming pool in your high school?
  25. No we don´t have a swimming pool.
  26. Are your teachers nice?
  27. Not all but the most of them. =)
  28. Do you practice any kind of relaxation?
  29. Sometimes we do 5 min of total silence.
  30. Do you organise sport competitions?
  31. Yes and of the year it is a sport and games day. (We won three times before)
  32. How do you keep your classrooms clean?
  33. We clean our classroom before we leave it.

  34. What happens if you misbehave?
  35. We must go outside of the classroom.
  36. How many travels or trips do you do along the academic year?
  37. One sport week and in the last week of the school year we do some one day trips.
  38. Do you usually work in groups? Do you prefer pair or individual work?
  39. Often we work in groups but I prefer individual work.
  40. Do you organise special activities to celebrate international days such as AIDS,VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PEACE DAY OR WOMEN’S DAY?
  41. We do the "Laufwunder" a running charitiy race.


This experience was great! We enjoy a lot writing the emails and listening to the CD of Jonas. We want to repeat this project another time and go to Austria to do an exchange program with you. If we do the exchange we will be very happy. On these summer holy-days Cristian is going to go to Switzerland one week and to Torre del mar (Malaga) one month. We wish you a happy holy-days and a nice summer.

Please contact with us soon.

Lots of thanks for this experience, Cristian and David.